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Summer's Day at the Bulman

Updated: Nov 5

The Bulman is right on the sea near Kinsale. I used to come here as an 18 year old when it was all pub and no restaurant (and people would think nothing of driving out from the city to have a few pints). Crowds would spill out onto the road and the pier on a summer evening. But for many years now the emphasis at the Bulman has been on food. Excellent food too. I've painted this lovely building several times over the past few years. I love its bright orange colour, the two murals depicting the leaders of the Spanish and Irish contingents in the Battle of Kinsale, and most of all the fact that it is right at the water's edge. But this is bigger and more detailed than any previous painting. At the time of writing, it's on display and available at the Boathouse Gallery in Kinsale. A limited edition run of prints is available too, direct from this website and soon from the gallery too.

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