"Dublin Bay"

New limited edition print

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"Summer Night at Market Square"
80cm x 80cm

November 2022
(Available only at the Boathouse Gallery, Kinsale)

"Beacon Panorama"

70cm x 100cm 

October 2022

(Available only at the Yellow Door Gallery)

I love finding new ways of portraying this iconic landmark, Baltimore Beacon. The massive horizon to the south has always captivated me, so I looked a bit further left than usual for this 'panorama', and got to include the mouth of the "Eastern Hole", a great spot for catching mackerel off the rocks at high tide. The whale watching trips apparently head out directly to the south, for several kilometres, but in my painting, I have brought the sighting of a whale a bit closer! Dolphins or porpoises would however be a perfectly normal sight close to the shore, as would basking sharks, but a slow-moving black fin doesn't particularly inspire! (It's a rock off the headland on the left).

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