About Shane Johnson

I grew up in Cork, on the south coast of Ireland. After leaving school I went to the Crawford School of Art for a year, then to the College of Marketing and Design in Dublin to study Visual Communications for 4 years. Illustration was what interested me the most. After a few years working in design and illustration, and even advertising, I began to turn my work into original paintings. Inspired by the rolling landscape, the brightly painted towns and villages, and the deeply indented coastline of West Cork, I started exhibiting there. Paintings of Dublin's coast soon followed. 

I have worked solely as an artist since 2000, based in Dublin. I use my quirky illustrative style,  a designer's sense of composition, and an intensity of colour to capture the essence of a place in my own peculiar way, be it real or imaginary, coastal, rural or urban. I have exhibited mainly in Dublin and Cork, but also in London, and had many paintings commissioned, both private and corporate. 


My first solo exhibition in 2000, opened by Pauline McLynn