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Busy Day at Baltimore Pier

Updated: Aug 30

This painting kept me busy through the summer. I started it in May and was finished by late July, At 100cm x 150cm it was bigger than my usual canvases and there is a lot of detail packed in. I used photos I had taken from Cape Clear ferry in 2021 during a heatwave, and had been longing to tackle this scene ever since. I have touched on it many times of course, often painting the Sailing Club, the castle and the Square, or all three, but this time I wanted to show as much as possible. I tried to be contemporary in as much as I asked a sailing person about what type of dinghy is used at the sailing club. I did however give myself some artistic license and chose to paint a Sherkin ferry that doesn't seem to be used much... I can't get the current one to look as good!

I got the painting beautifully captured digitally, and have brought out two limited edition print runs, one very large at 60cm x 90cm, and another more accessible size of 40cm x 60cm. Richard at the Yellow Door Gallery in Baltimore stocks them, and they can also be ordered from this website (at the same price),

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